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Heather Hartman, an intake paralegal at RMN, personally interviews more than 150 potential clients per month. Offering each client a listening ear and provides the legal solutions that RMN brings to the table. Once a client signs on with RMN, Heather places that individual with their professional legal team. 

Before joining the team at RMN, Heather worked in criminal defense law and personal Injury. Her associate’s degree in Pre-law sets the foundation for her work. Heather is also a professional artist and business owner.


In her free time Heather is studying for her Bachelor's Degree in Digital Marketing and working towards her MFA. 

Direct: (412) 626-5626



"I cannot recommend RMN highly enough! I engaged Sean Ruppert for an initial conversation about employment contract matters, and found him to be thorough, detailed, and of course an absolute expert in his field... If you are seeking guidance, do not hesitate to reach out to RMN."

- Ian

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