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The RMN Difference

It's no secret that lawyers today suffer from a spotty reputation. A lot of clients wonder whether the law firm they chose will actually be any different. Will their attorney actually return phone calls? Will work be completed on time? Will they get the legal advice they need?

At Ruppert Manes Narahari, we are committed to providing a different experience to our clients. We want every client to feel the difference in our philosophy. Specifically, we pledge these three principles:

  1. PERSONAL SERVICE: Our clients have the direct phone numbers for the partner handling their case. We return calls, we keep appointments, and we don't hide behind our support staff.

  2. PERSONAL INTEGRITY: We believe in building relationships with our clients so every single one trusts that we have their best interests in mind at all times. We pledge to always give our honest evaluations and advice on every case.

  3. PERSONAL DEDICATION: Our attorneys fight hard for our clients' rights every day - in court and in negotiations. We are intentionally selective in which cases we accept so we can be aggressive on each one.

We believe that these commitments separate us from average lawyers, and we know our clients will feel the difference in the experience.


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