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I've Received A Notice Of Hearing For Unemployment Benefits

So, you’ve received a Notice of Hearing but don’t know what to expect? Do you need legal representation? Not necessarily, but a well-trained attorney can be incredibly helpful for your case. If you’re contemplating legal help to prove your eligibility for unemployment, please contact Ruppert Manes Narahari LLC as soon as possible.

If you were found ineligible for unemployment benefits and then filed a Petition for Appeal, you will receive a Notice of Hearing in the mail. The Notice of Hearing that you have receives will indicate the time and location of the hearing. A Referee will conduct the hearing and issue another determination either affirming or reversing the original decision.

You are to arrive 15 minutes before the hearing, or earlier if possible, so you can review the Referee File. The Referee File is a file that has all of the documents that were submitted by you or your former employer that relates to the unemployment benefits that you applied for. These documents will be used by your former employer to argue against your collection of benefits, so review the documents carefully. Remember, the purpose of the trial is for you to argue why you should be receiving unemployment benefits.

When the hearing is about to start, the Referee will bring all parties and witnesses that are going to participate in the hearing. When the hearing begins, the Referee will go on the record and all parties will participate “on the record”. All UC hearings are recorded by the Referee for the purpose of a transcript, should one be needed later on. If you or your employer chooses to appeal the decision that comes from this hearing, a transcript can be requested.

When the hearing concludes, the Referee will notify the parties and participants in the room and go off record. You will receive a Referee’s Decision in the mail. If you disagree with that decision, it can be appealed.

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