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Our Origin Story

Ruppert Manes Narahari is a new law firm, but our origin story gives us power. The three partners--Sean Ruppert, David Manes, and Prabhu Narahari--met while working at another Pittsburgh law firm. In a lot of ways, that previous firm was revolutionary. With our leadership, it represented literally thousands of clients and won major awards such as Fastest Growing Companies and Best Places to Work from the Pittsburgh Business Times. The old firm made a lot of money and helped a lot of people.

But the three future partners of Ruppert Manes Narahari were not satisfied. We are entrepreneurial types to the core, always looking for ways to reinvent and improve the way things are done. One day, the three partners realized almost at the same exact time that they could work together to form a different kind of law firm--one focused even more on personal service, personal integrity, and personal dedication.

Quickly, the plans came together and RMN was born. The partners have worked overtime to make the transition smooth for all clients, and they look forward to a long road working together to help workers and businesses in Pennsylvania.


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