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What Are The Initial and Biweekly Unemployment Claims?

Were you wrongfully terminated or laid off from your job and told by others to seek unemployment benefits? To start the process, you need to file an unemployment claim.

An initial unemployment claim is a request from the person who needs unemployment benefits to the Department of Labor to receive temporary payments from the state government. To file your initial unemployment claim, please visit After you make the initial unemployment claim, your unemployment process has been started. You will receive a Claims Confirmation letter in the mail, which will give you a four-digit pin number that you will use to file your biweekly claim along with a date to file your first biweekly claim.

A biweekly claim is a claim you will make every two weeks which will report any earnings for each week that you were partially or completely unemployed. Filing a biweekly claim must be done to continue receiving unemployment benefits. You will need to report the gross about of your earnings on the biweekly claim. If you are waiting for the Department of Labor to determine if you are eligible for benefits or not, continue filing your biweekly claim. You can only receive benefits for the weeks that were claimed.

To file a biweekly claim, you will need your Social Security Number and the Pin number that was sent on the Claims Confirmation letter. You can file online or by phone. If you file online do not leave the site until you receive the confirmation page. If you exit before you receive the confirmation page, you will have to redo your biweekly claim. If you file by phone, do not hang up until you receive verbal confirmation that your claim was accepted or else you will have to redo your claim. If you remain partially or totally unemployed, you can continue filing your biweekly claims until you exhaust the amount of benefits.


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